Gaskets for autoclaves with hot joints

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to need gaskets for autoclaves with hot joints. In fact, these products prove to be the most suitable solution for those looking for a large item. They are functional and useful elements that, if made with care and with quality materials, can last for a long time and make a positive difference in any production context and not.

In general, industrial gaskets boast important features and functions for those who need to carry out certain production processes and for the use of specific plants and/or machinery. When they are missing or are wasted, there are many damages and malfunctions that can be encountered.

Therefore, it is right to equip oneself with efficient and qualitative products, designed specifically for the intended use and specific needs. Starting from these assumptions, let’s get to know the various types of gaskets available on the market.


Many types of products not to be underestimated

Among the many industrial gaskets that exist, we find the simplest ones and some more elaborate. Thanks to rubber, the main material with which these products are made, it is possible to customize each item, opting for different shapes and sizes. More specifically, today we can find lip gaskets, rubber bellows, EPDM rubber gaskets, but also silicone, polyurethane and other materials.

Industrial gaskets, with or without hot joints, can be made to measure. They can therefore have customized geometries and meet the most varied technical requirements. In any case, these are products that allow two parts that do not fit together to be joined effectively, guaranteeing adherence and a valid resistance to compression. Quality gaskets can last for years and ensure high resistance to heat, water and even various atmospheric factors.

Other solutions to know

In addition to the more traditional industrial gaskets, with or without heat seals, there are also suction cup gaskets, ideal for glass, and toothed gaskets. The latter are excellent for assembling aluminum or plastic parts. Since this is a highly customizable product, it is clear that anyone can request the realization of a customized item from the experts in the field.

Industrial gaskets with hot joints: the solution for those looking for large items

As you may have noticed, there are different types of industrial joints and each of them has its own peculiarities. However, when you are looking for alternative solutions, particularly suitable for those who need large gaskets, you have to make different choices. Operating for years in the field of industrial rubber goods production, we have decided to put ourselves on our customers’ side in this case as well. With this in mind, you should know that the staff at Cavallero Gomma is involved in making hot joints for different profiles and materials.

We can make industrial gaskets to design and also hot, die or cold join materials. We help the customer find the best option and then provide him with the finished gasket, specifically designed to meet his requirements. So, if you need industrial gaskets with hot seam or without, for large sizes and more, you can count on us. Contact us as soon as possible to get a personalized consultation and a no obligation quote.