Our experience and professionalism at your disposal

Cavallero Gomma offers its services to companies and industries of all kinds, striving to satisfy the most specific needs.

A rubber object, maybe a few euros, silently guarantees the functioning of expensive, important and sometimes vital machinery.  Our task is not only to supply the object, but to understand its function and follow its application and the person who uses it. Our professionalism therefore leads us to follow each customer with extreme attention, interpreting their preferences and requests.

We analyze if possible in detail every single project, always being able to guarantee the realization of quality products, a complete support and personalized services as close as possible to the need.


Preparing Mixes

Oil Contact? High Temperature? Aggressive and oxidizing environment? Resilience? Bounce Or Damping?

We need the right material, formulated not only to resist, but to last. We listen to the customer, study the formula, weigh the ingredients, mix them, and test the result in our laboratory. Our article must answer the questions above and follow the customer's words. The Customer Will Give Us The Final Answers And The Greatest Satisfaction: Re-ordering.

Rubber and resin printing

Our fleet of machines consists of hydraulic and hydraulic compression presses from 5 to 300 tons of pressure, with press tables up to 700x800/900 mm. We can take care of the realization of the molds and their storage. We can mold items from 1 gram to 18 kg in weight of rubber alone and up to 100 kg in rubber metal. We also produce articles in polyurethane.

Blanking and die-cutting

Among Our Main Services You Will Find Those Dedicated To Stamping And Die Cutting. Using Efficient and Precise Equipment, both Traditional and Latest Generation, We Can Guarantee Perfect Cuts And Shapes For Rubber And Foam Items. We complete every job according to the customer's drawing and/or specifications.

Our team can offer the realization of a perfectly finished product, starting from materials of various thicknesses. We have tools that allow us to make identical cuts in series and produce excellent, safe and functional items. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of industrial rubber products and our state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to meet the needs of industries in various sectors.



Our professionalism leads us to follow each customer with extreme attention. We analyze every single project in detail, always managing to guarantee the creation of quality products AND complete support.