Processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam with closed or open cells

Produzione articoli in gomma spugna

Processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam with closed or open cells: our solutions

Inside our laboratory we carry out many operations and one of them is the processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam, closed or open cells. Our experience and progress in the field lead us to meet all the needs of companies that require industrial seals, shock absorbers, vibration dampers and other technical items. By using the best materials and properly formulating the most suitable compounds for each component, we are able to offer a wide range of products.

The production of the latter may involve the processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam or the use of other quality materials. In any case, we are able to assure our customers of reliable, resistant, long-lasting products, customized according to their needs and suitable for any type of industry.


Polyethylene and polyurethane in comparison

Our company has long been involved in the production of industrial articles made of rubber and other materials with similar characteristics. With time we have learned to know in detail some materials and we have understood which are the best for the creation of certain products. This has led us to deal with the processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam with closed or open cells. We are dealing with two materials with unique characteristics that make them suitable for specific uses and fields of application.


Polyethylene is lightweight and versatile, and is used in the production of many plastics. It is a material that is highly resistant to chemicals, alcohol, gasoline, acids, water and many other substances. It is impact resistant, has interesting non-stick properties and is mainly used in the food industry. Its use is also common in the chemical, mechanical and electrical sectors.


Polyurethane is an equally versatile polymer, mainly used for the realization of insulating products (e.g. for thermal insulation). Currently, it is one of the most requested materials in the building industry and beyond. This is due in particular to its high durability and considerable resistance. We have at our disposal a polymer that is light but strong, waterproof and suitable for various industrial applications, including those designed to withstand significant mechanical loads.


The processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam with closed or open cells for production activities

Both materials have remarkable characteristics that allow them to be used for the realization of numerous technical articles, suitable for different industrial contexts. As we have been working for years in the field of the production of industrial rubber articles, we know how important the processing of polyethylene and polyurethane foam can be. It can lead us to create first-rate components that are resistant, long-lasting and decidedly high-performance.

With these assumptions, we at Cavallero Gomma put ourselves at the service of your business, proposing functional solutions developed according to your needs.

If you think that closed or open cell polyethylene and polyurethane foam processing could prove to be a useful resource for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply in a short time giving you more information about our activity of production of industrial rubber articles and about our services. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and a quote tailored to your needs, as well as full support from design to testing.