Production of industrial gaskets according to drawing


Production of industrial rubber gaskets

Cavallero Gomma is a company specialized in the production of industrial gaskets according to drawings. The rubber products are manufactured thanks to the long experience of the members of our professional team and to the use of excellent raw materials. We strive every time to propose innovative, reliable, functional and, above all, customized solutions.

We manufacture industrial rubber gaskets able to meet the most varied needs of production contexts and to optimize daily work activities. Every element produced is studied to make every kind of machinery work efficiently. According to the specific requests of the customer, and after having analyzed the project, we offer a professional and complete production service of industrial gaskets according to drawing or sample.


Gaskets in sponge rubber and expanded resins

Inside the laboratory of Cavallero Gomma we study and implement the best solutions for each customer. Therefore, depending on the project, we use the most suitable production techniques and instruments, paying attention to every detail and operating in full respect of the result. We select the most suitable material for the intended use and the context in which the product will be implemented. Precisely for this reason, we also deal with the production of industrial gaskets in rubber foam and expanded resins.

The latter are highly valued materials that prove functional in almost any type of production context. They have been used for a long time, but have been widely improved, becoming more and more innovative and efficient.

Gaskets for autoclaves

Cavallero Gomma has always dealt with the supply of gaskets for autoclaves. Even in this case, we select the most optimal raw materials and use the most advanced production techniques and instruments, guaranteeing excellent results at competitive prices. Whatever the specific needs may be, we do our utmost to satisfy them, studying in detail the characteristics of the gasket required for the autoclave. In a short time we can propose a durable, resistant and functional product.

Thanks to our way of working we are able to make our activity of production of industrial gaskets complete from every point of view. We are at our customers’ disposal for the realization of customized products and to measure the most varied requests.


Our production of industrial gaskets according to your drawing for your activity

Our team can manufacture products of various sizes and thicknesses, skilfully responding to each individual request. The use of advanced machinery and excellent raw materials allows us to ensure high quality technical articles and a valid production of industrial gaskets and gaskets for autoclaves. All this, together with a careful analysis of the customer’s project and our professionalism, leads us to propose high performance, reliable and long-lasting solutions.

Our company is at your service to guarantee a complete service and the realization of customized technical articles for your industry. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask us for more information. We can become the reliable partner for the production of industrial gaskets according to design and not only, that you have been looking for. Contact us to talk about your project and your needs. We will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a personalized consultancy studied for your production context.