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Relying on Cavallero Gomma you can count on more than 80 years of experience in the production of technical articles in rubber. A service always studied according to your needs to get the best in terms of quality of products and technical characteristics of materials.

Customer service always present

The production of industrial rubber articles has allowed us for years to be a point of reference for many companies and industries of various sectors. We guarantee our customers a support, quick, complete and careful to every single request.


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Cavallero Gomma

Cavallero Gomma's team of professionals has always been at the service of its customers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of efficient, functional, durable and affordable products.

We use materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, sponge rubber, foam resins and similar materials.

With the intent to guarantee quality and functionality to our customers, we formulate the compounds suitable for the realization of our products directly in our laboratory.

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Industrial rubber technical articles

We set up equipment on design or sample and, thanks to an internal laboratory, we study the most suitable material for the realization of each project.

Compression and transfer moulding, but also rubber-metal bonding, hot joining of drawn products, with post-curing treatments, in full respect of the result at competitive prices.

Rubber and resin articles


Industrial gaskets on drawing


Compact and expanded polyurethane processing


Compact and expanded polyurethane processing


Polyethylene foam processing