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Production of industrial technical articles in rubber


Production of customized and customized industrial technical articles in rubber and foam resins.

Gaskets and items in natural and synthetic rubber and metal rubber, highly developed for autoclaves with hot joints.

Rubber-sponge products, expanded resins and similar, shock absorbers and anti-vibration mounts in metal rubber.

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Production of customized industrial gaskets

Cavallero Gomma is a company specializing in the production of gaskets and industrial items from drawings and samples.
Rubber products are made thanks to the experience of our team of professionals and the use of excellent raw materials, suitable for the applications.
We strive every time to propose innovative, reliable and, above all, customized solutions based on the needs of resistance and functionality.

Production of shock absorbers and anti-vibration mounts to design

Our many years of experience leads us to put ourselves at the service of our customers also for the production of shock absorbers and anti-vibration mounts to design. Each time we start from the customer's project and perform a careful analysis of every detail.
We actively listen to the different requests and preferences, and then we move on to the creation of reliable products, resistant over time and of high quality, which we can supply with laboratory certification.
We select the best raw materials and produce the most suitable compounds internally with the aim of satisfying the needs of each application context as much as possible.


Products in sponge rubber and expanded resins

Closed or open cell polyethylene and polyurethane foam processing, including adhesives.

Sponge rubber and natural and synthetic foam rubber. Cellular rubber.
Using the best materials, we are able to offer a wide range of products.

Foamed Polyethylene Is Lightweight And Versatile, And Is Used For Manufacturing Ultra Lightweight Gaskets With Excellent Temperature Resistance Up To 120 ° C And Typical Dust Protection Applications.

Expanded Polyurethane Is An Equally Versatile Polymer, Mainly Used For Making Insulating Products (Eg For Thermal Insulation), upholstery for furnishings, fillers for pharmaceutical and / or parapharmaceutical packaging, fine packaging and equipment protection. Currently, it is one of the most requested materials in every industrial and non-industrial field.

All the expanded materials have remarkable and versatile characteristics, which allow them to be used for the realization of numerous technical articles, suitable in different industrial contexts. The softness (polyethylene and low density polyurethane foam) protects and welcomes, the resilience (natural sponge or cellular rubber) bounces, cleans, carries….


We address our services to companies and industries in every sector, striving to wisely satisfy the most specific needs. We guarantee professionalism and the creation of quality and customized products for your industrial activity.


01. Preparation of compounds

We prepare the most suitable rubber compounds for each type of use in our laboratory, even in extreme conditions.


02. Printing house

Compression and transfer molding, rubber-metal connection, hot joining of drawn parts, with post-vulcanization treatments for the production of gaskets, joints, sleeves, bellows and anti-vibration mounts.


03. Die cutting

Among the rubber processing there is die-cutting, which consists in the use of powerful machinery and equipment with blades able to cut the parts with millimeter precision. We also perform water cutting, which in many cases allows you to avoid setting up equipment

Custom rubber technical items

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Cavallero Gomma

Cavallero Gomma's team of professionals has always been at the service of its customers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we offer a wide range of efficient, functional, long-lasting and affordable products.

We use materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, sponge rubber, foamed resins and similar materials.

With the aim of guaranteeing quality and functionality to our customers, we formulate the compounds suitable for the creation of our products directly within our laboratory.

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